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Cagsan Plastic participated in LIBYA BUILD 2008.
Cagsan Plastic accomplished one more excessively successful fair in LIBYA BUILD 2008 Construction Materials and Building Fair of which the 5th was arranged in Tripoli city of Libya on 19-22 May 2008. All products of CAGSAN PLASTIK were met with a great interest in Libya which had been in a new structuring. Not only receiving orders in large amounts for both substructure products and internal installation products but also our agricultural irrigation systems were shown an intense interest in Libya which had a desert climate.
Furthermore, contacts were made with many firms about special irrigating systems and garden irrigation equipments for landscaping and herbal arrangements in many regions in parallel with present structuring and tourism studies in Libya and works have been started. And also some contacts were made for our general product groups with many construction companies in Libya where there were building demands in high amounts.
Cagsan participated in Syria ARCHITEX 2008 International Construction Materials and Architecture Fair.


        Cagsan Plastic, which carries productions in the furthest areas of Turkey in terms of product variety in its sector, has begun to its works by having its interviews for every kind of product demands in Syria. Cagsan, which has different distributors in many regions of Syria, has included new distributors to its structure for all product groups and brand marks.
          Cagsan Plastic became the star of the fair through its wonderful presentation shows in ARCHITEX 2008 International Construction Materials and Architecture Fair of which the 7th was arranged in Aleppo city of Syria on 9-13 April 2008. In fair participation of which works were started months ago, Selcuk who is the winner of ATV Dance Contest and the female finalist Selen from Izmir caused a congestion on the stand of Cagsan Plastic through their special show.
Cagsan Plastik participated in Macedonia BUILD & CONSTRUCT 2007 Fair.

CAGSAN PLASTIK exhibited its new products and made many business connections in BUILD & CONSTRUCT 2007 fair which was arranged between 28 March – 01 April 2007 and which is the biggest construction fair of Macedonia and the countries around it. In the fair which was arranged in Skopje city of Macedonia, many international companies exhibited their products which were the state-of-art and especially not harmful to the nature and had the purpose of protecting the natural resources. And Cagsan Plastic introduced its construction substructure hot-cold water systems which did not blemish the quality of the drinking water and were produced from pp-r raw material; its HDPE pressured pipes for agricultural applications and irrigations; drip-irrigation systems which protected the water resources; and irrigation and drip-irrigation products for gardens in the fair in accordance with the same concept. Cagsan Plastic has started its project works by having many interviews for construction sub-structures and super-structures in Macedonia which has begun to restructuring. The fair visitors made demands in many respects because of the quality and well-priced sale strategy of Cagsan Plastic.




Cagsan Plastic participated in Syria ARCHITEX 2007 International Construction Materials and Techniques Fair.

     Cagsan Plastic exhibited its agricultural products in addition to the construction group products and met with an intense interest by the visitors in ARCHITEX 2007 International Construction Materials and Techniques Fair which was arranged by Al Yaman Fair Works in Aleppo city of Syria on 18-22 April 2007. In this fair which was arranged in Syria which became the target market of many companies in our country after the free-trade agreement which was entered between Turkey and Syria, Cagsan Plastic loomed large through the wideness of its product range and the quality of its products and made many commercial connections




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